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The Irreplaceable charm of wood:

For 25 years, our pride has always been craftsmanship and finishing of wood products; to this day, this still remains our specialty. Be it local hardwoods, exotic woods, mdf or wood veneer, the quality of our finished products remain unmatched and incomparable. Our finishing department can match any colour, stain, lacquer (clear or opaque), glazed finish or specialized finished. All colour and paint finishing requirements are done to your needs and specifications.

The sky is the limit:

We offer a vast variety of different products that can satisfy every taste and life style while still respecting your budget. Whether it’s wood, melamine, polyester, wood veneer, mdf, polymer, aluminum, crown mouldings/ogees, glass, handles and all sorts of accessories, you can rest assured that we will be able to guide you throughout your selection process.


The selection of countertops available at Ébénisterie Debonville is also quite large and diverse. Each product is unique and has its advantages. Cost, function, colour and even texture all play a part in making a clear and wise choice. Laminate, wood, moulded, glass, stainless steel, ceramic, granite, quartz, corian or cement are all available and will succeed in giving your kitchen or project that perfect, finishing touch. While always on the cutting edge of new styles and models, we also make it a point to inform you of the benefits or disadvantages of certain products thus ensuring your entire satisfaction.

We are authorized to sell products from the following suppliers and specialty brands; to name a few:

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